Todd Gurley, the reigning NFL Offensive Player of the Year, was asked if he felt he and his fellow players deserved guaranteed contracts. Evidently he answered yes, basically bringing up the possibility of a "Lockout in a couple years." The TMZ reporter gave him a hell yeah in response, but if anything is going to change on a political level, the NFL Player's Association and the rest of the league will need to be on the same page. And it's not as if the whole racial report card has been addressed. NFL owners have been slow to make assuage their personnel, and quite simply: that's why the league has taken a dip in ratings.

With all the uncertainty and in-fighting, a work stoppage will inevitably come into effect in 2021, at which point the players can force their demands. Chargers lineman Russell Okung argued the case for guaranteed contracts this past weekend over Twitter.

Many NFL players have signed contracts that guarantee a good chunk of money, but owners often pull the plug halfway in order to sit below the luxury tax. The last time NFL players went on strike was in 1987, and the league enlisted a bunch of scabs in their place. Fans weren't exactly thrilled as you can imagine.