Los Angeles Rams' All-Pro running back Todd Gurley touched the ball just five times during the NFC Championship Game, including four rushes for 10 yards and one catch for three yards.

According to NFL.com, Gurley's 13 total yards and five total touches were both career lows, as the Rams leaned on veteran backup CJ Anderson to carry the load in the backfield during their 26-23 overtime victory. 

Despite his shocking lack of playing time, Gurley says he wasn't injured - he was just "sorry."

"I was sorry. I was sorry as hell today," Gurley said. "I was sorry. So, C.J. (Anderson) did his thing. The whole team did its thing. Everybody kept me up during the game. That's why it's a team sport. This is the greatest team sport in America. It takes everybody, everybody on the team and that's what we did."

Rams head coach Sean McVay added,  "That was just kind of the feel for the flow of the game that we had. Not anything against Todd, C.J. did a nice job, but I thought that they did a nice job as a whole, slowing down our run game, and we kind of just had to grind some things out."

Gurley had two huge drops in the game, but still managed to find the endzone on one of his four carries and that's all the Rams needed as they survived and advanced to Super Bowl LIII, where they'll face the New England Patriots.