A day removed from being put in cuffs by NYPD field marshalls, To Catch A Predator host Chris Hansen has been evicted from his Manhattan apartment. According to TMZ, the last time Hansen paid his rental fees was in August of 2018, and he was $400 short at that - after which he stopped making an effort altogether, with bill collectors hot on his trail.

The eviction documents obtained by TMZ state give us an indication of his monthly expenses. The papers reveal that Hansen owes $400 for the lopsided payment in August and another $3,600 for the whole month of September. Take into account, Hansen was arrested when $13,000 in promotional items were purchased with bounced checks.

Just last week, a judge had ordered Chris Hansen to vacate his NYC rental flat within a 10 day period. He did not, resulting in his arrest. The official eviction day is actually tomorrow, at which point New York city marshalls have been ordered to repo his belongings, regardless of his total equity. His landlord is essentially wiping his hands of "Chris Hansen" from there on out.

With his respect to his on-air persona, Chris Hansen has complied with authorities but has understandably chosen not to consort with media types in the immediate aftermath of Monday's arrest. I reckon it takes one to know one, nothing lasts forever.