Despite the fact that TM88's considerable talents are missing from Thug's upcoming Slime Language album, that hasn't stopped the producer from giving credit where credit is due. Taking to Twitter to praise Thugger's latest work while simultaneously solidifying his presence within the inner circle, TM88 wasted no time in heaping on the praise. "Slime language abt to be fire," he states, making appropriate use of the fire emoji. "I’m not on it but slime always delivers."

While the idea of a TM88 & Young Thug collaboration is certainly tantalizing, it's still good to know that Slime hype has once again kicked off. If that wasn't enough, engineer Alex Tumay, who has helped perfect the Thugger sound we all know and love, came through to praise TM's own upcoming endeavor. "Your project is insane too," writes Tumay. "Bout to come out with some of the craziest sounds of the year soon." TM soon made it clear there was no argument there, opting to respond with a straightforward "Facts." 

Needless to say, it seems likely that 2018 still has a few more upcoming gems. While the year might have been top-heavy, the idea of some new Young Thug and some "crazy" new TM88 is enough to get us through the daily grind.