TM88 has been quietly establishing himself as one of hip-hop's go-to producers, and more and more people are familiarizing themselves with his name. Alongside JW Lucas, the Atlanta producer was responsible for crafting the beat of Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Life," which recently went platinum. 

In a video collaboration with Genius, the talented beatmaker broke down the creative process behind "XO Tour Life," even giving us a rare glimpse into his excellent 808 patterns. Aspiring producers will no doubt love this glimpse into TM's studio setup, which includes FL Studio and a plugin called "Gross Beat." 

TM88 also talks his philosophy, which highlights the importance of percussion in music. "That's what a lot of producers don't understand," says TM. "They percussion be under the drums and under the sounds when the percussion need to be on top of things...I mean, go back in history from Arabians to Africans. When they did they're music all you heard was percussion, and that's what moves music."

Check out the whole video below.