Last month, L.A. Reid resigned from his position as Epic Records chairman. A few days later, it became apparent that he was the subject of allegations of sexual harassment.

T-Boz of TLC, whom Reid signed to LaFace Records over 20 years ago, stated that she unsurprised by these allegations in her new interview with Billboard:

Watkins and [Rozonda “Chilli”] Thomas have seen the best and the worst of the music industry, and while they’re not bitter, they’re honest in a way that some of today’s big stars, who thrive on an air of opaque mystery, perhaps cannot be. There is, for one, their reaction to Reid’s exit from Epic amid sexual harassment allegations. “I hear more people are coming out saying stuff,” says Watkins, as Thomas buries her face in her hands. “I was surprised he was fired, but [the accusations] didn’t come as a surprise. I don’t wish him anything ill. But surprised? No.”

Epic is under fire for allegedly dismissing the complains of harassment against Reid.