This past Monday marked the premiere of T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle, the couple's return on at reality television since their reconciliation. As such, the celebrity couple opened up their homes to viewers as they undergo the daily challenges underlying of family and friendships. The couple met in back in 2001 and have been married since 2010, they share a total of 3 children while also caring for kids from external relationships. Since their unison, the couple faced several challenges which regularly became topic of chatter. From cheating scandals to pregnancy scares, the majority of the family's experiences remained closely followed by the public. Now with a new leaf turned forward, the couple may focus on bigger, better things. 

In a recent interview with Page Six, Tameka Tiny Harris, T.I.'s wife of many years and former member of the hit girl-group Xscape sat down with the magazine to offer tips on keeping things hot in a marriage. And Ms. Harris is not one to shy away from sex talk. Her infamous & live educational conversation on sexual encounters with her son King during a family dinner may attest to that.  According to the mother, the first celebri-tea tip is to keep things exciting and spontaneous within the relationship. She cites "sexy vacations" as a good example of the latter: "it makes you feel sexy and makes you want to do sexy things." Moreover, she cites the importance of wearing things your partner likes. She cheekily adds in that in her case, her man Tip prefers when she wears nothing. These may be useful tips for anyone looking to keep things hot, thanks Tiny!