Less than a week ago, T.I. and his closest of kin lost one of their dear relative, Precious Harris. T.I.'s elder sister succumbed to injuries following a hard-fought week in triage. T.I.'s grandniece Kairi Chapman was riding shotgun next to Precious when she involuntarily suffered an asthma attack, causing her to lose control of the vehicle, and crash into a telephone. TMZ was apprised of this information after conferring with an Atlanta PD traffic accident report.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

It was reported right from the onset that Precious was driving T.I.'s 2013 Dodge Avenger when the accident occurred. Kairi, who was lucky to escape with her life, was released from the ICU once doctors found a recursive treatment for the chest pain she reported upon her admittance to the hospital.

Precious passed away soon after, in the company of her loved ones, as T.I. and Tiny shut down production of their TV show, in order to maintain a constant presence by her bedside. Precious' own daughter offered her mom the respite she deserved after dealing with respiratory problems her whole life. "From my best friend on earth to My beautiful angel in heaven. I love you so much," she wrote as a memorandum. T.I. posted a brief message of condolence to his sister, before continuing the bereavement process in private. Our best wishes go out to T.I. and his family in this moment of grief.