Nobody saw it coming. T.I. decided to take a shot at Donald Trump's wife in a promo for his Dime Trap project, and the backlash was potent. While there are millions of American's who are displeased with the current president, dragging a man's wife into a conflict unprovoked has always been viewed to be in bad taste. T.I. employed a Melania Trump look alike, who donned the infamous "I Really Don't Care" jacket before taking it off to reveal her naked body. T.I. removed the video from his Instagram, although it's unclear whether the King of the South decided to take a step back or if he was reported by users. He usually maintains a very respectful etiquette, especially towards the ladies, so his move raised eyebrows of even those who despise Donald Trump.

Melanie Marden is the actress who played Melania in the video, and speaking with TMZshe admits that death threats have been coming her way. "Yeah, I have had some death threats," she states in a video. “It’s actually unbelievable that people take this so seriously,” she continued. “I’m an independent woman, trying to make a living and feed myself, you know, I look after myself. And it’s surprising that people have this much time to focus on somebody who took an acting job versus 'where’s the cure for cancer.'” Marden also stopped by Inside Editionwhere she reiterated that death threats have been sent to her regarding the T.I. video.