Those in touch with their Tip news likely remember gate-gate, which found the rapper denied entry to the gated community where he lives and pays rent. It's likely that the security guard was cranky after being rudely awakened from a mid-job snooze on the job. In any case, the guard in question remained adamant in his decision to prevent Tip's entry, despite the rapper's increasingly frustrated protestations. Not long after, Tip found himself in police custody, looking at charges for disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. Clearly, the evening quickly escalated into a veritable sh*t-show, as an unstoppable force met an immovable object.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Now, new security footage of the exchange has been released, providing the clearest look thus far. Interestingly enough, the situation begins with the guard caught lacking, clearly catching a few zees prior to Tip's arrival. The fact is not lost on the rapper, who calls out the guard accordingly. From that point on, the guard proceeds to make his life ever-more difficult, prompting Tip to lose his patience. "You was sleep, and you waking up trying to exert some muthafu*kin authority," says T.I. "You was sleep!" As the minutes pass, Tip exits the vehicle and raises his voice to a shout, demanding the guard to "hit the muthafu*kin button!"

T.I. eventually asks the guard his name, reminding him that he works for the residents of the community. The guard refuses, prompting T.I. to leave temporarily - but not before offering some parting wisdom. "You made a bad mistake, and one day you going to come back in front of me and you gon' ask me to forgive you," says Tip. "And I'm probably gon' do it."

Check out the footage below, and sound off. Who was in the wrong?