Imagine being an eighteen-year-old girl and having the entire world know that your celebrity father heads to your annual gynecologist check-ups to ensure that you aren't sexually active. That's a reality for Deyjah Harris. The young lady must be incredibly embarrassed, finding her name and her personal business in headlines after T.I. declared that he orders tests for her hymen on a yearly basis. Deyjah deactivated her social media pages for a few weeks after the controversy hit its height but she's back now and already, she's debuting a dramatic change in her look.

There's no chance Deyjah Harris is about to walk around unnoticed in the streets of Atlanta. She's basically a local celebrity and, given her regular appearances on her family's reality television spots, she would still get recognized in a heavy disguise. Still, she can try to switch up her look enough for people to have to do a double-take. Harris showed off a brand new hairstyle on Instagram this week, donning bright blue locks in one of her first posts since returning. She also showed off a fresh tattoo on her arm, going for even more of a permanent change.

Understandably, all comments have been disabled on her account so nobody is able to spread their negativity on her page. What do you think of the shift?