The "do you know who I am" card is not often appreciated by those on the receiving end. Particularly reserved for celebrities, especially those in varying states of inebriation, it has come to be understood that "do you know who I am" can only take you so far. In any case, it would appear that T.I. may have brought a similar approach to his recent arrest, which stemmed from a misunderstanding at his wife Tiny's gated community. If you recall, the situation escalated when Tip forgot his key, and a security guard refused to let him enter. Eventually, police were called, and Tip was charged with public drunkenness and simple assault. 

Now, footage has been released, in which the arresting officer confers with the security guard and supervisor about the situation. Taken from the officer's body cam, all parties can be seen discussing T.I, slapping the rapper with some less-than-favourable criticism. The security guard maintains he "has no idea" whether T.I. actually lives on the premises, while the supervisor confirms that's "T.I. the rapper." The cop makes it a point to state "I've never seen him," leaving us wondering if the man is an active hip-hop listener. The cop makes his feelings known, saying "he think his shit don't stink." The sentiment is echoed by both the supervisor and guard alike, prompting a laugh from the policeman.

Clearly, nobody seemed eager to put some respect on Tip's name. In fact, the supervisor seemed to believe the whole incident stemmed from nobody knowing who T.I. was. Peep the footage below, via TMZ.