Riff Raff first appeared on the rap scene in 2009 with The Texas Tornado and lines in the sand couldn't be drawn fast enough. 

He's an oddball even by Texas standards, a cornrowed white boy of (at the time) mysterious origin who rapped largely in absurdist, pop culture non-sequiturs and had a tendency to pull stunts like dyeing his beloved Husky blue. 

But that alone isn't enough to justify the intense feelings that fans and haters alike have toward Jody Highroller. There's plenty of bad/weird rappers out there who garner little more than a shrug from the masses. What is it about the NEON iCON that leads to so many #StrongTakes? 

It's simple, really. He's a living brand, covered in logo tattoos that he seems to gain via osmosis and rapping largely about other established celebrity and luxury brands. His very existence is a commentary on celebrity in the post-Internet era. How you feel about Riff is how you feel about the direction that the culture as a whole is taking.

Thanks to this, where you fall on the Riff opinion spectrum can be determined by the way you define yourself (Hip-hop heads talk about Riff like this, while White People drive cars like this, or something).

Read on for our group by group breakdown of Riff opinions and decide where you fall.