Are we closing in on the next celebrity starting up an OnlyFans page?

This year, we've seen the sex work platform absolutely blow up. After Beyoncé mentioned it in a song, the popularity of the website only amplified and now, celebrities are making millions and millions of dollars off of it.

This week, a list was released that shows how much money people are really making on OnlyFans, and the results were astounding and eye-opening. Blac Chyna is the platform's top-earning celebrity, making approximately around $20 million a month. A MONTH! Bella Thorne and Cardi B are close behind, with the latter making around $9 million every thirty days. Considering Cardi B isn't even uploading her nude images to the platform, and only has a $5 subscription fee, that's a pretty good deal for her. 

It looks like, after seeing the money coming in for other stars, Tiny and T.I. could be considering a move over to OnlyFans. However, Tiny would need to have full control over the type of content her husband posts.

Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

Hitting The Mix with Zonnique and others, Tiny was asked whether she would allow Tip to create an account on the website, to which she initially shut the idea down. It took a few seconds of reflection for her to realize that it might not be the worst idea for their joint bank account.

"No, no, no. No. I mean, I take that back," she said, regretting her dismissal. "I don't-- as long as I can approve it. I think, you know, hey, I ain't trippin'. He's a little sex symbol."

Virtually, Zonnique was looking over at her mother, not impressed with what she was hearing and praying that her step-dad never winds up on OnlyFans.

What do you think? Could T.I. be the next big-earning celebrity on there?