Tiny Harris and her family included are gearing up for the premiere of their reality show that debuts its season two today. While Tiny is surely excited to debut what her family's been up to as of late - the good and the sad - she's also opened up to The Hollywood Life about music she's set t drop real soon. Tiny detailed to the publication how her new music will detail real like happenings as well her relationship.

Even more, Tiny's music will be released under her alter ego “Ryder," a name she usually uses in the bedroom. “I started to bring her out a little more, as far as in my music, because my music talks about my relationship, my life, and the things I go through, and things that other people go through,” she explained. “I’ve recorded about four songs already. So, you know, I’m working. I’m gonna drop something really soon."

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Tiny even discussed her current great standing with her husband T.I. after they went through a few ups and downs back in the day. “Yes, we are under the same roof. We are now living in my house, because his house or the house that we lived in together is being remodeled or whatever,” she said. “Right now, we’re just living in the house that I bought and then we’ll move back into the lake house, even though I love my house!”

She added: “I think the thing that keeps us coming back to each other is just that we have a love for each other that is like, abnormal. And, a lot of people don’t understand and they’ll be like, ‘Oh, this, this and that’, but, no one’s ever loved me like this man. He’s my protector, he’s my provider. —  I just call him, ‘the man of my dreams.'”