This year has been an interesting one for T.I. and Tiny's relationship. They've been on-and-off for years, calling off their divorce and then going forward with the proceedings again. At this point, it's a little difficult to keep up with them. Their reality show won't be coming back anytime soon for them to outwardly say what's going on in their lives but every once in a while, a birthday or another special event will roll around where either T.I. or Tiny remembers just how great their bond actually is. From the looks of Tiny's birthday message to her husband, the two are very much back on and looking forward to building a future together.

Tiny posted a few photos and videos of the two enjoying an evening by the spa, writing a heartfelt message to her man. She wrote, "New memories to go along with 18 yrs of old memories!" They have been linked together for so long that it would be difficult to actually believe they're splitting up, even if they insist on it. She added, "Happy 38th birthday to My personal Sex Symbol @troubleman31 Mr. Harris... MajorLove frm THE ONE & ONLY Mrs. H." 

The entertainer is making a pretty strong statement by referring to herself as the only Mrs. H, implying that she plans to never let go of Tip's side. We're glad to see them back on the happier side of things. For a while, it seemed as though they were done for good. However, with all the delays in their divorce proceedings, it looked as though the two were working things out. This definitely confirms that. Happy belated birthday, Tip!