Tiny A.K.A. Major Girl did the most appropriate costume for Halloween, throwing on a skintight blue leotard with fringes and a gold cape dubbing herself a Majorette, because of course.

We're not sure where Tiny was headed, whether it was an exclusive party or just a costume hangout at a friends house but she sure did Halloween right this year - check it out below.

In other Tiny news, she and T.I. are still working out their marital issues as we've seen on recent episodes of Family Hustle. After Tiny wasn't impressed with Tip's invite to Trinidad for their anniversary, her friend Toya Wright came through to chat with T.I. and get on his level. 

"Tip feels that he can buy a car, move on and everything is hunky-dory, but for me I need the time, love, respect - all kinds of things to get over the things he be doing," Tiny said of Tip.