Arizona police officers responded to a call about a domestic disturbance at a home in the city of Chandler. Tommy "Tiny" Lister, an accomplished actor who is probably best known for his character "Deebo" from the Friday franchise, and his girlfriend got into an argument. She was live streaming at the time, focusing the camera on him as he was sitting in the driver's seat of a car. She made mention of Lister's wife, who he is separated from, something that rubbed him the wrong way.

When he turns and sees that she's filming him, he attempts to knock the phone out of her hand. Later, the couple is heard going back and forth over Lister calling his daughter names. The girlfriend films Lister as he makes his way into the garage and attempts to open the door to get into the house, but he's carrying too many items in his hands. He asks her to help him, but she says no because he said his daughter was a "stupid ass." 

You can tell he's frustrated, so he turns and walks toward his girlfriend, and the camera, as his girlfriend backs up. "You guys can call 911," she says to her Instagram Live viewers. He asks her why she would even say something like that and tells her, "You should never drink." She follows him into the house and he tells her to turn the camera off. When she refuses, he reaches for the phone to knock it out of her hand.

"Don't f**kin' hit me!" his girlfriend yells. "I didn't hit you," Lister says. Someone on the Live did call the police, and according to TMZ, no one was arrested and neither of them wanted to press charges. The publication was able to talk to Lister directly and he reportedly told them that he ever put his hands on his girlfriend. All he wanted to do was to get the phone from her. He also claims that this recent drama has helped him make the decision to break up with her.