As a recent guest on The Wendy Williams Show, Tameka "Tiny" Harris confirmed her marriage was on the rocks. Touching on several topics including T.I.'s new rumored flame Bernice Burgos, the R&B singer blamed her husband for the controversy with Floyd Mayweather. Late last year, Tiny and the former boxing champ were spotted at Mariah Carey's pad dancing real close.

I wasn't at Floyd's event, [...] and honestly if [T.I.] would have been doing the right thing I wouldn't have been at Mariah's party," she told Wendy Williams, according to whom, the singer was all up in Mayweather's "crotch."

When the hostess brought up Burgos, Tiny said the hot model had nothing to do with the dissolution of her marriage. Still, she shot down rumors that Tip was living with the younger woman.

"No. He's not even with her, first of all, and she had nothing to do with whatever was going on with us before, anyway. We were already going through whatever we were going through. She just came in the picture after I had filed for divorce."

When Wendy asked if they had an open marriage, Tiny said," No, we don't have anything now."