Tink is poised for success. With Timbaland backing the rapper-slash-singer, and a strong buzz thanks to the producer leaking a few records during a Breakfast Club sit-down last year, she has the rap game's full attention. The Fader capitalizes on that today by nabbing the soon-to-be star for the cover of their new issue.

For the interview, The Fader heads to Chicago to visit the suburban home that Tink grew up in, where she lives to this day, with her parents. We get to hear about Tink's beginnings in music, how she connected with Timbaland (and eventually signed to his imprint Mosley Music Group), as well as her upcoming debut album due out via Mosley/Epic.

"Before I met Timbaland, I didn't have a specific sound," she says during the interview. "I was just fishing for beats in my email, picking out things I liked. With Timbaland, it's a bit more organized."

She also speaks on the female competition within the game, "There's a broad range of male rappers, so if they're going out on a limb and they sound different, it's okay because we have twenty other rappers doing what the radio wants. As far as females, there aren't as many, so if you want to compete, you have to sound just like this because that's the only thing hot right now. If you want to compete, you have to look like this."

Read the full interview here.