Online dating can be a fraught experience. For every success story like the one with Eugenie Bouchard and her random Twitter date, there are numerous stories of people who are not who they say they are online, or are using old and altered photos. Tinder is looking to help solve those problems for people by adding video chatting capabilities to their dating service.

To add these capabilities, Tinder purchased Los Angeles-based start up Wheel, which specializes in collaborative video stories similar to Snapchat. It’s unclear how exactly video capabilities will be added to the swipe-based dating app, but there are plenty of ways that video can enhance the app for both users.

Tinder recently launched a $10 per month paid service called Tinder Plus that offers features that are supposed to boost one’s matchmaking abilities. As of the end of 2016, they had over 1.7 million people paying for the feature. It’s unclear if the video function will be a free or paid feature.

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