While many Northerners are fastly securing their best sweaters, jackets, high top sneakers, and wool socks for the winter, Tinashe is on the beach making sand castles in the sun claiming it's "sweater weather." We get the joke, but it's still a sensitive subject for those mourning the end of summer. In the photo below the "No Drama" singer is posted up in a two-piece pink bikini making a sand fort and looking super cute while doing it. 

Tinashe dropped off her long-awaited Joyride album earlier this year that seemingly didn't pop as much as many had expected. 

"The biggest thing that music is for me is bring people together from different walks of life to just connect with something, even sonically, even if they don’t understand the lyrics," she said of being a music maker. "A melody is very powerful expression and for me, it's been interesting to see how I’ve evolved, how I am telling my story. The more people that I can connect with, the more that I’m able to introduce to my world and to bring them in."