Tinshae split from RCA Records earlier this year in February and has since been an independent artist who's trying to maintain her name in the industry. Hitmaka recently reported that the "2 On" singer made new label moves since signing to Jay-Z's Roc Nation but according to the singer they're just rumours. Tinashe ran into TMZ outside Craig's in West Hollywood last night and she made it clear that she's still an independent artist. 

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

"At this point, I just want to put out something independently before I put anything in paperwork," Tinashe explained. As for a possible bonus that a label such as Roc Nation may offer Tinsahse, she made it clear that won't get swayed by dollar bills since releasing her music independently is all that matters to her right now. The publication teased that if she did sign with Roc Nation, she'd have to compete with Rihanna.  

"There's no competition there," Tinashe added. 

At the end of her conversation with the publication, Tinashe proves she's still got it when she busts out a little sample of a tune she's working on. 

“I’ve always had an underdog mentality, and I’ve always felt like I have something to prove,” Tinashe previously told Rolling Stone of her music career. “Deeper than that, I’m trying to balance being able to release the type of content that’s fulfilling to me as an artist [while] trying to navigate a changing music industry.”