Dating experts were quick to analyze the the amorous nature of comments left by Philadelphia 76ers' rookie phenom Ben Simmons, on Tinashe's Instagram posts over the course of a week. They agreed almost in unison that they were looking at a strong enough sample size worthy of closer inspection.

Simmons has overbearingly been all-up in her comment section as previously stated, sometimes multiple times in the stretch of a single post. The usage of heart shaped emojis never the less puts a certain spin on things, elevating their dating rumor from a code yellow "tingling sensation" to a code orange "we might have a couple on our hands." 

TMZ caught up with Tinashe as she was leaving Craig's in West Hollywood, and wasted no time, asking her to set the record straight on her feelings for Ben Simmons, to which she responded "that's my little boo thang," once and for all. 

That statement can be taken at face value. We don't need linguistic experts to mud up the scene. Lastly, we must consider the physical cues exhibited by Tinashe upon entering the car. Let's just say her face lit up like a fireworks factory. See for yourself: