Tinashe has become somewhat of a fan favorite, despite consistently struggling with major label politics throughout her career. Now, however, it would appear she's ready to hit the ground running with a live performance. Penn State Student Programming Association has confirmed that Tinashe will be blessing them with a performance on February 7th, which will be free to all PSU students, provided a valid ID can be shown.

It's another early-year accomplishment for the singer, who appears to be gathering momentum of late. As you might know, Tinashe has recently parted way with RCA records, a label with which she has had ups and downs in the past. With her status presumably resembling that of a free agent, it's entirely possible that Tinashe thrives on the independent circuit. 

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

As of now, we have yet to hear anything concrete about upcoming musical endeavors, though we can hope Tinashe's new gig can be the first snowball in a proverbial avalanche. Of course, only Penn State students will be able to catch the concert, but it's a start. Is anyone down for a Tinashe comeback in 2019?