The on-going legal battle between Timbaland and his insurance company continues.  Previously, the producer had sued the company for not honoring the insurance he had on his $1.8 million Jacob & Co. watch, that he claimed was misplaced when his infant daughter got a hold of it.  Now the insurance company is firing back with a countersuit which claims that the artist had falsified his insurance claim. 

American Home Assurance Company's lawsuit claims that the watch was only worth $900,000, and that Timbo is lying about what he paid.  They also cite that when they spoke to people involved in the missing watch that no one's story added up, and although the Timbaland later said that his daughter had lost the watch, no one questioned had even mentioned her involvement.  

The insurance company feels that something is awry as it was originally reported stolen, and then they questioned his wife, who implicated an assistant, who implicated the brother-in-law, and everyone kept pointing fingers at the next person until Timbo eventually said it was not stolen but lost by his daughter. 

[Via AHH]