Jodeci back? As predicted by Drake and J. Cole's 2013 track, the legendary R&B quartet will be reuniting for a comeback project-- or so says Timabland. According to the producer, he'll be working alongside the group on their new project. The reunion marks an important moment for Tim as well, who began his career by collaborating with Jodeci. 

The big reveal came via a tour chat video Timbo did with his fans, in which he said, "By the way, people who follow Timbaland from day one, I met with Devante and I'mma help work on the new Jodeci album. Just for y'all to know," adding, "I ain't really supposed to say that but I will be working on the new Jodeci album. And, that will be my career coming full circle, working with Devante again."

No official word from anyone in the group themselves, who sound like they were trying to keep things under wraps. 

Watch the Timbaland clip below. He starts talking Jodeci around 3:16.