Tim Tebow is a football player who has elicited a ton of polarizing reactions throughout his career. The former Florida Gators quarterback came into the league with a National title under his belt although many were aware of his shortcomings when throwing the football. When it comes to college offenses, Tebow was as good as they come but in terms of NFL football, Tebow just simply didn't have the talent necessary to compete with everyone else.

After a few years in the league, Tebow was eventually ousted which led to his brief career in baseball. Now, Tebow is back except this time around he is looking to play tight end. In fact, Tebow recently tried out with the Jacksonville Jaguars and according to the NFL Network, the team has every intention of signing him.


The contract has yet to be signed although it is believed that it will be a simple one-year deal. Tebow was urged to switch to tight end years ago although he decided that he would rather play quarterback. Now, he has completely changed his mind in a move that has surprised many throughout the football world.

This is going to be a unique experiment although if it works, the Jaguars will look like geniuses.

Tim Tebow

Alex Menendez/Getty Images