Tim Tebow went 0-3 from the plate during his Arizona Fall League debut yesterday, but after the game he was batting 1.000. The Mets' minor leaguer, aka Baseball Jesus, reportedly comforted a man who suffered a seizure while he was signing autographs and waited with him until paramedics showed up. 

According to reports, Tebow kept the fallen man alert, chatting with him about college football and recruiting... until he found out that the dude was a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs.

“You’re a Bulldog? You’re kidding me,’’ Tebow cried out with a grin. “Don’t even know how to respond to that.’’

Despite the fact that the man, identified as Brandon, was a fan of Tebow's longtime rival, he stayed and talked with him as the team bus waited. Check out some of the video footage below.