Contrary to the "bad guy" role that Nicki Minaj has adopted over the past few years, the Beam Me Up Scotty rapper has often been a person to show love to others, whether it's a feature for a rising artist's new album or simply promoting someone on Instagram. A day after Nicki helped get Polo G's tracklist trending, it appears that she also took the time to show a Jamaican businesswoman named Starr Dawkins some love too.

Taking to TikTok, Dawkins — who owns a vaginal health company called Sweet Cookie Wash — shared a video of herself smiling and blushing while listening to a voice message from Nicki Minaj. "Nicki Minaj sent me the sweetest voice note!" Dawkins writes.

Throughout the video, you can hear Nicki saying nice and empowering things like "It don't make sense why you so damn pretty. And you know them b*tches gon' be mad cause you brought out the thing thing. You know the thing thing. Your smile, your style, your skin. And the wig is laid! It ain't laid like when Tae do it child, but it's laid!"

"Anyway, most importantly, your heart is beautiful and your authenticity," Nicki continues. "You'res just a real bad gyal! "I need you to hold your head high and act like you the mother f*cking star in any room you stand in and go have a good day. And stay out of people business. Get your own LLCs! I love you. Seriously, I love you."

The message would have been enough to make any Barb go crazy, but halfway through the video, Dawkins reveals that she's been viewers all along. No, the voice message is not from Nicki Minaj; it's actually a spot-on impression by the Jamaicain businesswoman and social media sensation.

"Tricked you," Dawkins writes. "This my voice ! I always hear I sound like her & TBH if Nicki was hyping me I think he would say this ..."

Check out the mind-blowing video for yourself below.

When listening to Starr Dawkins' video, did you think it was really Nicki Minaj at first?