Earlier this year, Tiger Woods got into a brutal car accident that broke numerous bones in his leg. The star had to get surgery following the crash and it was revealed that he would have to take a lot of time off in order to heal. It was a horrible time for the golfing legend, although he was certainly well supported as many golfers and friends reached out to give him all of the well wishes in the world.

This week, Tiger revealed that he almost had his leg amputated as the damage was that significant. In the end, however, Tiger was able to have his leg put back together, and now, he is going through the painstaking rehab process.

Tiger Woods

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

While speaking to Golf Digest, Tiger revealed some key information surrounding his recovery, and the things he did to pass the time. In the clip below, Tiger notes that he ended up doing a lot of upper body lifting, as it was one of the few things he could do. In fact, Tiger worked on his bench press and was able to hit a personal record of 255 pounds. For someone who is 185 pounds, his record certainly isn't bad. 

In the video, Tiger definitely looks a bit more swole, which is good news moving forward as he tries to get himself back into playing shape.

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