Tiger Woods recently linked up with Donald Trump for a round of golf at the President-elect's golf course in West Palm Beach, Florida and today he published a blog detailing what that encounter was like.

Tiger wrote that the two enjoyed a wide-ranging conversation from trash-talking to business, but he was most impressed with Trump's ability to bomb it down the fairway at the age of 70.

He added that while there was plenty of "needling" the two weren't necessarily competing against one another and he used the opportunity to test out some new equipment.

“What most impressed me was how far he hits the ball at 70 years old. He takes a pretty good lash.”

“We both enjoyed the bantering, bickering and needling,” Woods wrote. “I also shared my vision for golf and what I’m trying to do.”

“I was testing drivers and fairway woods, and changed some settings,” Woods noted. “I think he enjoyed seeing the difference in shots when you experiment.”

Tiger will be returning to the PGA Tour at the Farmers Insurance Open which runs from January 26th-29th at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, California.

“I’ve now had the privilege of playing golf with Mr. Trump, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama,” Woods added, “and I appreciate the opportunity.”

Check out his full blog post about his day at Trump International Golf Club right here.