Back in February, Tiger Woods got into a scary car accident that could have taken his life. The golf legend ended up suffering numerous leg injuries and was eventually taken out of his car with the jaws of life. While in the hospital, Woods had to undergo surgery to correct some of the damage to his lower extremities and for now, it seems like he might have to go through a year of rehab or possibly more.

Woods was allowed to go back home last month and since that time, he has issued a statement to his fans, thanking them for their continuous support. Now, Woods has officially returned to social media, this time on Instagram, where he posted a photo of himself smiling, all while giving a light update on his recovery.

Tiger Woods

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

"My course is coming along faster than I am," Woods joked. "But it’s nice to have a faithful rehab partner, man’s best friend." Considering everything that has happened over the past couple of months, it's great to see Woods smiling and having a good time. 

While it may be a while before we see him back on the golf course, there is no denying that he is as determined as ever to get back out there and dominate.