Tiffany Haddish was recently confirmed to be the spokeswoman for Groupon, expanding the company's reach while also giving the actress some welcomed time in the limelight.

The advertisement, which takes place poolside, sees the star relaxing in a spa-like environment while receiving a pedicure, and clothed in a bathrobe and head towel. The main premise of the plug is breaking down pre-conceived notions that people who use Groupon's services are frugal and pitiful. Haddish, in her typical deadpan manner, addresses this notion head on, telling critics of her continued use of the application to simply "shut up!"

Haddish then fires off a list of benefits she's experienced because of her use of Groupon, emphasizing her faultless skin, killer nails and enviable complexion. Peep this entertaining commercial below, which has premiered ahead of its scheduled placement during this year's Super Bowl:

Haddish has shared her excitement over this very public plug over Instagram, urging her followers to witness her latest endeavour and indulge in the multitude of savings Groupon has to offer. The actresses promises that her clip is going to break the Internet, and she didn't even need to use baby oil to do so.