The case between Tiffany Haddish and her ex-husband William Stewart is still very much ongoing. Earlier this year William went after Tiffany for her memoir The Last Black Unicorn that had a whole chapter about him, painting him as an abusive stalker husband during their five-year marriage. William is suing Tiffany and the publishing company for $1 million, but according to new documents William's lawyer sent letters looking to settle the case before it gained traction. 

Apparently, William reached Tiffany personally and tried to settle things and her response to him was to "be patient your blessings are coming” and “start to think positive so positive things can come your way. Because your blessings are waiting on you.”

Willam's lawyer has now released this statement:

"Furthermore, we have information that will demonstrate Ms. Haddish regularly requested Mr. Stewart to become more aggressive with her during sex, including, among other things, to choke her as a part of their sexual intercourse."

He also claims he has recordings that prove that Tiffany was “seeking the guidance of a psychic to help with her erratic and violent tendencies towards Mr. Stewart, not vice versa.”

The letter concludes:

"Mr. Stewart did not commit criminal domestic violence, nor did he abuse Tiffany Haddish during their marriage. He did not abandon his daughter. These assertions can never be unsaid and Mr. Stewart’s reputation has been irreparably damaged."