Tiffany Haddish is breaking into social circles she once glared at from afar. Her fangirling of Beyonce almost came at the expense of her own goodwill, but that hasn't prevented her from standing close to the line of scrimmage. Yesterday, Marie Claire published a quickfire interview segment with Tiffany where she layed out her bucket list, a long con plan if you will.

When it came to her musical preferences, Haddish sang the praises of Cardi B, insisting the line of "Little bitch you can’t fuck with me..." would really usher in a party at her funeral, and that's exactly how she hopes to be memorialized. Tiffany also demonstrated hip hop credentials when asked to name her first album purchase, answering "Afro Puffs" by Lady of Rage, which by all accounts was only released as a 12-inch & CD single, but I digress.

Tiffany Haddish also listed off her bucket list, which included a virtual world tour in which she visits every single sovereign state on the globe. She also alluded to investing in a youth center, a job-training center, a mental-health department, and a whole art center, all taking precious real estate marked under her name. As for summoning support, she hopes to kick off a fried-chicken-and-girls' night with Michelle Obama, as well as secure a date with Michael B. Jordan. Nothing out the norm?