Tiffany Haddish has never been one to shy away from sharing how she really feels. Apparently, she's readying a rap album so if we thought her tea on partying with Beyonce and Jay Z was juicy imagine what a full tape of tracks will offer. The latest on the comedian comes by way of her Instagram where Tiffany has updated her fans on her disappointing night out in Atlanta. 

Tiffany and her crew hit the town last night (Sunday) on a hunt to see "some dick swang" and was met with closed clubs since it was the Lord's day.

"What kind of shit is this Atlanta," Tiffany says in the video below. "I thought Atlanta is where dicks swang. I mean what the fuck. I know Atlanta is known for titty clubs, but I know at least two dick clubs out here - both of them closed on a Sunday! Guess what I don't wanna see no titties, I wanna see that dick."

We think it's safe to say Tiff was a little tipped in this video, but she has no shame since it's still on her feed the morning after.