Two comedy queens united for VladTV as Luenell interviewed Tiffany Haddish. The role usually held by DJ Vlad was handed over to Luenell as she pelted a bald-headed Haddish with questions about her upbringing. The Night School star talked about being Eritrean and what it was like visiting her father's home country. She bragged about the kindness of the citizens and how wonderful the food was before speaking about what it was like being nominated for a Grammy. The actress received a nod in the Best Spoken Word category for the audio version of her book The Last Black Unicorn.

Tiffany Haddish, Stupid, Luenell, Eritrea, VladTV
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"That was kinda cool to be nominated fr a Grammy for reading out loud when I couldn't read at one point in time in my life when I was in my teens," Tiffany Haddish revealed. "And that drama teacher grabbed me and said, 'You're gonna learn how to read!'" The actress added that she struggled with reading "Because I thought I was stupid."

"Everybody would say to me, 'You're stupid, you're stupid, you so stupid.' At that time in my life, I took things literally," she added. "So if everybody's telling me you're stupid, my stepdad, my mom, grandma, everybody used to say, 'You so stupid.' So, I believed I was stupid and I can't read and I can't do these things because I'm stupid."

When she was 18, a girl she worked with at LAX told her she was "stupid" so Haddish got upset and threatened to beat her up. The girl clarified and said that she meant she thought Tiffany Haddish was funny, and it was a revelation that changed the comedian's perspective. Watch Tiffany talk about her life below.