Tiffany Haddish is having an amazing year so far. She's diversified her brand and expanded her reach to a much wider audience as she is now one of the most popular actresses and comediennes on the planet. The Girls Trip star has roles in Night School, The Oath, and plenty of other upcoming projects but one revelation she made during a recent interview will make you scratch your head. The New York Times wrote a piece about her rise to the top and in it, Haddish noted that she's actually working on the eventual release of a rap album, which nobody expected.

The actress is perhaps looking to mirror the success that Lil Duval is having right now as his track, "Smile B*tch," continues to climb to the top of the charts. The announcement was made in passing as the publication wrote about the growth of her brand, throwing it in quickly. They wrote, "Haddish’s new goal is [to] create an empire, though she is not sure exactly how to go about it, or if it will be in the entertainment business or what. But she wants to have 40 or 50 people working for her who will be able to buy houses, put their kids through school, and pass their money down." 

As she works on her "empire," the Times writes that she is "dabbling in music and trying to make a rap album." Would you listen to an album from Tiffany Haddish? We'd like to hear a few singles first before making that decision.