Tiffany Haddish recently paid a visit to The Tonight ShowStarring Jimmy Fallon. During her appearance, Haddish and Fallon engaged in one the shows most popular segments: the lip sync battle.

As a seasoned player of the game and an undoubtedly talented lip sync performer, one would imagine that Fallon would have the upper hand on Haddish. He started off the game with a lively, danced infused rendition of 90's hit, "Groove Is In The Heart" by Dee-lite, moving aptly with the beat, and keeping up with the change in camera angles. Haddish watched from the sidelines where she was situated in front of The Roots, the house band for the NBC show. Tiffany appeared impressed and even amused by Fallon's performance, smiling broadly as she clapped for him before taking to the stage with Virginia emcee Lady Of Rage’s “Afro Puffs." Proving that she was working with some serious footwork, even in high-heeled boots, Haddish danced throughout her impressive delivery. "Yeah, we going gangsta baby," she exclaimed.

For the second round of the game, Fallon and Haddish switched things up. Fallon performed a soulful version of his "buddy" Post Malone's track "Psycho," pausing momentarily to add temporary face tattoos. Tiffany, however, had a more high energy vision in mind, and brought the house down with a performance of James Browns' "Sex Machine."

Catch all the Tonight Show goodness below.