A while back we found out that Kevin Hart once gave Tiffany Haddish $300 when he found out she was homeless and sleeping in her car. The money gave Tiffany the chance to rent a motel room for a week and give herself a safe place to continue her grind to stardom, that she now has. Considering her glow-up and acting success, Tiffany may very well never be homeless again and she wants to pay Kevin back the $300, but he's not having it. 

During some promotion for their upcoming film Night School Tiffany interrupted Kevin on set to literally shower him in cash. "She has been trying to pay me back for years & I refused to take the money so she ambushed me on set and made it rain on me," he captioned the video. "What she doesn’t know is that I put the money back in one of her wig caps that she wasn’t wearing later that day!!!! "

He wasn't joking, Kevin really went in Tiffany's bag and slid the money in her wig cap. The Girls Trip actress shared the moment she found the cash on Instagram saying she may have to give it to his baby mama if he won't accept it. "Thank You very much. But You getting this money back. I am paying you back! I pay all my loans off," she captioned her video. "That is something you and my Grandma taught me “never owe nobody money.”