The rise of Tiffany Haddish, from nightclub comic to the next big thing in the motion picture business, was one of 2017's feel-good stories. In essence, she's never failed to make a captive audience laugh when she's been given the chance, including this hilarious "brush with celebrity" story that she told to Jimmy Kimmel. You can view the anecdote in full below.

Now, thanks to that amazing late night TV moment, Haddish finds herself occupying the role of official spokesperson for Groupon, the company responsible for her going on that infamous swamp tour. As she explained in her announcement video, she's been using the service for many years now, to eat out at a discount, to take her younger family members places and, as she put it, "get my Groupon body on." Check out the full introductory clip below.

According to Jezebel, Haddish is going to be starring in a series of ads for the company, including their upcoming Super Bowl spot. Groupon hasn't run a commercial during the big game in nearly a decade, so it should provide the perfect launching pad for the newly-minted comedy superstar to not only relaunch their existing brand in a big way, but also to enhance hers. At the very least, she'll be making a whole lot of bank during 2018. Props to her for scoring this new gig!

What do you think - right move by Groupon to anoint Tiffany Haddish as their new spokesperson? What do you hope that Super Bowl commercial looks or sounds like? Let us know what you think in the comments section.