Tiffany Haddish recently hosted the MTV Movie & TV Awards, proving that her effervescent personality and comedic know-how will continue to keep her in the limelight. To coincide with her high-profile hosting gig, a trailer for her upcoming film Nobody's Fool has also been released. 

The comedy, which was written and directed by Tyler Perry, stars Haddish as wild-child Tanya, an ex-convict who has recently been released from prison. Upon being picked up by her sister Danica (played by Tika Sumpter), Tanya is heard exclaiming "free at last free at last, Imma go out there and shake my ass," before asking where is the nearest nightclub. However, she is ready to get her life back on track, and takes a job at a local coffee house.

Tanya soon discovers that her sister, who appears to have the perfect life, is being catfished online by a potential suitor. As a result, she embarks on a mission to bring this deceitful man to justice, crashing weddings and planning hit jobs along the way. 

Additionally, Whoopi Goldberg stars as Haddish's and Sumpter's mother; peep the clip below.