She's known for her comedic "TMI" moments, but Tiffany Haddish will be putting a lid on over-sharing her personal life from this day forward. The actress often uses her private moments as punchlines, but after watching a YouTube video titled "The 10 Things You Should Always Keep To Yourself," Tiffany is keeping things under wraps.

The video stated that people shouldn't speak about goals, good deeds, personal life, wealth, life philosophy, family problems, other people's secrets, fears and weaknesses, resentment about the past, and talents. The Kids Say the Darndest Things host took to her Twitter to announce how she was affected by the six-minute clip.

"After watching this video I am going to be a different type of entertainer," she wrote. "I am done being a open book. Sorry world no more raw entertainment from me.. But if you do me wrong everyone will know! P.s. there are somethings that I might of said or did two weeks ago that might hit the fan, but all truth so I am not tripping. that’s it I am no longer helping scrapes on my boots get rich. If you want to know what a scrape is to bad I am not telling you. Use your imagination."

Recently, Tiffany has made headlines after she's engaged in a social media exchange with rapper Chingy. While visiting Ellen, the comedian shared that she once hooked up with Chingy long ago. The rapper snapped back at her, denying her claims but admitting that Tiffany did have sex with his brother. Tiffany laid out in full detail why she believes his statements were a lie, but it looks as if the back-and-forth helped her realize that less is more.