The Jordan Peele and Tracy Morgan produced series The Last O.G. is coming back for season two on TBS after a successful first season run. The show follows Tray (played by Tracy) as he copes with life after a 15-year prison sentence. He heads back to his Brooklyn neighborhood to pick his life back up and comes across a few struggles along the way.  

Cedric the Entertainer, as well as Straight Outta Compton's Allen Maldonado star in the show, and by the looks of the new season, more trials and tribulations are on the horizon for Tray. The upcoming season, that debuts on April 2nd, follows Tray as he looks to reconnect with his mother, but his girlfriend (and mother of his children) isn't really a fan of introducing the kids to her - check it out below.

"I've been doing this kind of comedy my entire career, and I was on network television for a while. TBS felt like the perfect home for The Last O.G.," Tracy said of his series. "They gave me a lot of creative freedom and the freedom to express my type of comedy."

He added: "I tell dick jokes. I say 'motherfucker,' even though it might get bleeped, whenever I want. You know, you can't stop me. TBS has been great."