Halloween is next week which means the classic film Hocus Pocus will be streaming more than ever now until the end of costume season. Tiffany Haddish and comedian Billy Eichner teamed up for a special episode of Billy on the Street’s where the duo pretend they're doing a remake of the film and need to find their third "more inclusive" witch.

Tiffany and Billy ambush some unexpecting New York pedestrians that include a Colombian woman, an older man, a Chinese lesbian couple and a man who identifies as bi-sexual which makes Billy lose his mind in excitement. “Sir, I’m gay, she’s black, what do you bring to the table?” Billy asks a man - check out the full video below.

In other Tiffany news, she's reportedly working on an album, really.  "Haddish’s new goal is [to] create an empire, though she is not sure exactly how to go about it, or if it will be in the entertainment business or what," a source said of the actress. "But she wants to have 40 or 50 people working for her who will be able to buy houses, put their kids through school, and pass their money down."