All-female remakes are a dime a dozen these days. GhostBusters, the Ocean's franchise and now, 21 Jump Street (the Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill version, that is). Although the comedy series does feel a little young for a remake (22 Jump Street was released only four years ago), the high school boy humour of Tatum and Hill would certainly profit from a female perspective. 

According to Colliderthat perspective may come via one of comedy's current superstars, Tiffany Haddish. Despite what Kat Williams says about her comedic abilities, Haddish is now a bonafide A-list moneymaker. She's starred in Girl's Trip which pulled $140 million worldwide and Night School with Kevin Hart, another $100 million-plus movie. 

A remake of 21 Jump Street will need more than just Haddish, though. As you may remember (I know four years is a long time), these movies are the quintessence of buddy-cop comedy and are direct descendants of movies like Hot Fuzz and The Other Guys and so, Haddish will need a partner. Per Jeff Sneider of Collider, "multiple sources say that Awkwafina is at the top of Sony’s list."

Who is Awkwafina? First of all, she starred in one of the biggest movies of the year Crazy Rich Asians, which grossed more than a quarter of a billion dollars and counting. She's also been in an all-female remake already this year: Ocean's 8. What's most important, though, is how she got her start: