Now that she's gearing up to star alongside Al Pacino in Jordan Peele's new series Hunters on Amazon Prime Video, Tiffany Boone has finally moved past her time on Showtime's hit series The Chi which she unfortunately left under controversial circumstances. The move was influenced by shocking misconduct allegations against co-star and on-screen boyfriend Jason Mitchell, and she took a minute earlier today to speak out on that tough decision.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Spotted with all smiles alongside the rest of the cast back in January 2018 during a press tour for The Chi in Pasadena (seen above), Boone would eventually make her exit before the year was over followed by Mitchell being fired in May 2019. She reflects back on the latter incident while penning an extensive three-page note, describing that evening at her apartment in Brooklyn before all the allegations came to light in the press as "blissful ignorance." Throughout the note, she addresses just how hard it was to leave a hit show, ultimately realizing she couldn't compromise her morals for fame and the praise that comes with being a big-time TV star. Her note also points towards not wanting to participate in a "he said, she said" debate that may come from speaking in detail about what all went on, adding "she said, she said" in there too to signify that issues with HR and Waithe herself may have played a part as well. Overall, we're just glad she was able to bounce back and not focus too much on the negativity.

 Read Tiffany Boone's full statement via Instagram below, and make sure to catch her on Hunters starting February 21 on Amazon Prime Video. The Chi returns for a third season, minus both Boone and Jason Mitchell, on Showtime beginning July 5.