Tierra Whack got the chance to kick it with Lauryn Hill in Philadelphia this past Friday. The Philadelphia native opened for Ms. Hill in her hometown city's Festival Pier. The show was part of The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill World Tour 2018. Whack had the opportunity to catch her idol backstage. She posted a photo of the pair on Instagram to immortalize the meet. Tierra expresses her excitement in the post's caption:

"Never thought I’d be performing on the same stage as this woman! She is the sweetest person, her energy was sooo amazing and she was so humble!!! I would say that WE had a great conversation but SHE did most of the talking! (I was too busy trying not too panic)."

The gushing continues: 

“I pray that god keeps on blessing me and making all of my dreams come true! I hope that I am inspiring someone out there because for the first time I can honestly say that I am inspiring myself!!! (i still can’t believe I didn’t drop dead) I AM THE LIVING PROOF THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE !!!"


Whack's debut album Whack World, dropped in May. Enter the unique universe she introduces in a 15-minute audiovisual experience, a medley of the album's tracks.