Philadelphia rapper Tierra Whack, known for her creative performances, infectious positive energy, and wildly unique artistry, has announced that she's quitting music. The 25-year-old artist broke the news to fans with a shocking message on Instagram this week, telling them, "I quit. I'm done making music."

It's unclear why Whack has decided to prematurely end her music career. She's one of the most technically skilled lyricists in the game right now, showing off her skills on recent releases like "T.D" from Lil Yachty's 2020 album, and more. Her Whack World album was critically acclaimed with one-minute-long songs that introduced her colorful imagination to the planet, showing that Whack would be a force for years to come. This year, she released her single "Link" as a collaboration with Adobe Creative Cloud. She also recently came through with her new song "76" to show love to her hometown team, the Philadelphia 76ers.

On Twitter, Tierra didn't offer much more insight into why she's quitting music. Six hours ago, she tweeted, "I ain’t finna ruin nobody else day just cause I’m having a bad one." By quitting music, she's likely ruining a lot of people's days, though.

Hopefully, this was a premature announcement and Tierra Whack can continue to dominate as one of the most exciting, weird, and fun artists in the nation. Check out Whack World below.